Minimizing our STUFF in the home with Kids!


“Minimalism is not about having less. It’s about making room for more of what matters.”  –

I recently came across this Netflix Documentary called Minimalism and it seriously got them thinking… about all of our … S T U F F ! All of my stuff, all of PJ’s stuff, all of the Boys stuff…. just STUFF that is taking up space in our house, taking up energy in the house, that we don’t use, or haven’t touched in a year or more!

{I highly suggest watching the documentary, or at least looking it up.  The 2 guys that made the film call themselves The Minimalists and are really insightful!  You can check out their website Here . This is where I found a lot of great info after I watched the Documentary.} 

So what exactly is Minimalism and why the hell did it get me thinking about all of our extra crap and stuff inside the house?? The guys from the link above answer that question from their own experiences, views and understanding that I think is most attainable by anyone really.  They know that anyone can do this, and it doesn’t have to extreme, but it is doable, EVEN WITH KIDS!

[Below is from the website I linked above.]

What is Minimalism?Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.”  (Also see in the how Minimalism has helped us… section on that article.)

A few of the ways it has helped Joshua and Ryan that really stuck out to me was, create more and consume less, discover purpose in our lives, and rid ourselves of excess stuff!! The last one is what hit me the hardest and stuck out the most to me! We are constantly worrying about the things we have around the house, too much stuff, taking care of all of that stuff, putting out energy into cleaning that stuff and looking at that stuff that we probably aren’t even using on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis!  Not to mention the money we are spending on consuming this stuff.  Buying it just for it to sit and never be used, or thinking we need it but in reality we don’t.

Now I am 100% guilty of this.  I AM AN IMPULSE SHOPPER! I admit it.. and I am admitting that I need help and I want to do less of it!  I have always been a collector of things and I just love my things or stuff, or crap, whatever you want to define it as.  (thanks Pa for passing that trate on down to me… lol)  I spend based off of the things I want, that I see that I want or I think that I need, but I don’t need them at all! These things aren’t keeping me fed, or healthy or breathing.  They are just collecting dust or sitting in a corner or closet never touched.

I am not going to lie.. I can be a hot damn mess.  As it says on the top of this blog you’re on.  So my goal for this is to help me become less of a hot mess,  help me to become organized and live simperler.  I want to walk around the house and see less, I want to see empty corners, or less things laying around.  Less IS more! Our kids don’t need every cheap plastic toy imaginable.  They don’t all this crap! They are children, they have imaginations and they are create fun with little.  And we don’t need all this stuff as adults!

So we decided that is is time to minimize the stuff we have, the stuff we buy and the stuff we consume.  We are a consumer nation and I think it is time to pay more attention to the special, meaningful things we have in our lives, and less on the things we think we need in our lives.  I told PJ my ideas about getting rid of things and all he said to me was “YES”..!!


The Plan:

  • Hit one room a week.  That way it is less overwhelming and easier to handle when it comes to getting rid of the things we want to.
  • I will do a blog post for each room I do.  Going over the things I got rid of, why I did and I will show you all of the things I got rid of.
  • This weekend I am doing a yard sale, so a lot of the stuff I got out of our bedroom (the first room we did) is going to that. And things I found around the house we don’t need.
  • Donate, sell or put outside for free of the things we no longer need.
  • Get rid of clothes, accessories, shoes, toys, jewelry, bags, household items, decorations, things like that will be included in the PURGE!
  • Get rid of the things we don’t play with, use, wear, etc.
  • Keep things we use and sentimental things.
  • Do this 2x a year to keep things clutter free.

The hardest part of this all will be the kids letting go of things that they think they use or play with but they don’t.  At 3 and 5 it’s hard for them to understand obviously.  We are showing them that we can get rid of things that we aren’t using and we are making it fun for them. They have chosen things to get rid of that they are going to sell in the yard sale, and they can take the money from those to save, put in the bank or in their underwear drawer! (aka their money hiding spot)

This is going to take time. Time for me especially because I really love my THINGS.  There are things I love and feel like I need to see around the house to make me feel nostalgic and loved.  Those things we have decided to keep and just base this process and project on the things that hold no meaning to us. Things we can easily rid ourselves of to help the house and our lives feel lighter and less cluttered!  And I am so excited to share in our journey doing this with the rest of you and I cannot wait to bring you updates on the process!!





leeanna grace


Some other great sites I found with a lot of good info are below:




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